steel wire ropes

  • steel wire ropes and accessoires

    - 8mm / 9mm steel wire rope with steel core (for boiler applications)
    - 8,4mm/9mm/10.2mm steel wire rope with polypropylene core
    - Rope fittings and hooks
       - With safety hook
       - End rope fittings, without safety hook
       - “D” shackle, thimble, 3 fist-grip rope clamps for 8/9 mm wire rope
    - Cable weights


wire winders

  • twin drum wire winders

    Twin drum wire winders can be mounted onto every platform or single hoist cage. The standard capacity is 100 meter. Also available with a pneumatic powered motor in combination with pneumatic hoists.


filter lubricator assembly

  • ensure functioning of the motor

    The filter lubricator assembly is connected to the pneumatic hoist and assures the good functioning of the pneumatic powered motor.


hoist covers

  • plastic covers

    Plastic hoist covers are available for Compact and Alpha hoists. These covers will protect the hoists when working in dirty or dusty environments.