sky pi/bmu

  • efficient working access to your building or structure.

    To meet your custom application needs, Sky Climber® developed a new cost effective Sky P.I.. Our Sky P.I. is designed to provide efficient working access as permanent installation to many types of buildings and structures. The Sky P.I. can be used with monorail systems, light roof cars and Davits & Sockets.
    Sky PI/BMU   Sky PI Cage


monorail systems

  • an effective permanent solution for all your maintenance problems.

    Sky Climber monorail systems are designed for easy mounting on every type of building or structure. The Sky Climber monorail profile SC134 can be mounted either with a top side, side or top mounting bracket. In combination with 1 or 2 Sky Climber electric or rope driven monorail trolleys, the monorail system will provide you an effective permanent solution for all your maintenance problems.


light roof car systems

  • your solution for a small roof.

    Sky Climber is capable of designing and producing small and light weight Roof Cars as an alternative for Monorail Installations.


davits & sockets systems

  • Davits & sockets systems

    As a permanent installation Davit arms & sockets are the ideal solution for roofs with limited space. These Davits & sockets are either floor or parapet mounted or a combination of both.