special and industrial applications

  • Sky Climber has the engineering and production capacity to design and create your custom made special access solution.
    Contact Sky Climber for further information.


false cars

  • Safe and economical powered platform for the elevator industry.

    The electric powered False Car platform from Sky Climber is a safe and economical solution for every elevator installation. Its modular design and its quick assembly & disassembly will help you to save time and money. The possibility to mount hoists with a lifting capacity up to 1000 kg will guarantee you a safe working load of max. 765 kg.


furnace & boiler platform solutions

  • split deck boiler platform solutions

    Sky Climber has a wide range of standard furnace & boiler platform solutions. By using different types of suspension, floor sections and canopy protection roofs we can design and produce your ideal furnace & boiler maintenance solution. Every platform solution can be combined with electric or pneumatic powered hoists.


oil & gas platform solutions

  • Rolling suspension solution on storage tanks.

    Sky Climber has several suspension solutions for oil and gas storage tanks and combined with our standard or special platforms we deliver the perfect combination for all your maintenance and inspection jobs.


custom made specials

  • we design and manufacture your custom-made access solution

    Sky Climber has the knowledge and the experience to design and manufacture custom-made platform solutions. Thanks to our qualified engineers and the experience we have built up during more than 55 years we are able to offer a custom-made solution for almost any access problem.

    Please feel free to contact Sky Climber for more information on our custom- made specials.