standard platforms


sky stage ultra

  • top technology in a modular concept

    The Sky Stage Ultra is the latest generation of a modular platform that combines the best of current technology with new concepts.

    Designed for lengths up to 16 meters, in combination with 2 walk-through stirrups, the Sky Stage Ultra is the ideal solution if you are in search for a modular and easy to mount suspended platform.


light weight stage

  • fast and easy, no tools required

    The Sky Climber® "Light Weight Stage" is designed for use with any Sky Climber® powered rigging hoist. The combination of hoist and stage forms a complete modular light weight suspended access system and is a cost effective way to rig sophisticated shapes.

    The suspension, connection and walk-through stirrups are fabricated from galvanized steel. All other components are aluminum alloy. A 12 m platform can easily be handled and assembled by 2 men.

    The heaviest component a 3m floor weighs only 24 kg. Fast and easy, the components are designed to assemble a 12 m platform in less than 15 minutes. No tools are required as all joints are made by means of connection pins and secured with safety pins.

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sky stage 500e

  • SKY STAGE 500, the best modular heavy duty platform in the industry

    The Sky Stage SS 500e is designed for use with any Sky Climber® powered rigging hoist. The combination forms a complete modular heavy duty suspended access system and is a cost effective complement to the range of any Sky Climber® products.

    Apart from suspension stirrups, which are galvanized, all components are aluminum alloy.

    Using 1, 2, and 3 m modules, the Sky Stage can be assembled to achieve practically any length with a max. of 12 m between suspension centers. Walk through stirrups can can also be used, combined with end guard rails to give better access to corners of buildings, etc. In combination with available corner sections and hinges, any configuration can be assembled. 1 or 1,5 m sections, combined with a walk through stirrup, forming a single hoist operated platform.

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sky stage 505e

  • perfect solution for boiler or furnace maintenance

    Sky Stage 505e platforms are made of specially designed split deck sections which can be introduced through any manhole having a round or elliptical size of 597 x 406 mm. The platforms have a modular design and are delivered in deck and guardrails sections so that the required platform length can be assembled inside the boiler.

    The Sky Stage 505e is the perfect solution for boiler or furnace maintenance.

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standard workcages

  • single hoist workcages, ideal for quick inspection or repairs.

    Sky Climber has a wide range of single hoist workcages available. Our Sky Cage Ultra, Light Weight Cage or Sky Cage 500e/505e are used for chimney inspection, inside elevator shafts or as an access solution in other confined spaces. Our standard workcages exist in lengths of 1 and 1,5 meters.

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bosun seat

  • easy access under all circumstances

    This low cost powered access chair is used to reach confined spaces or carry out spot inspection repairs. Sky Climbers' bosun chair; a safe and fast way for one person to access any building or structure.

    Use the bosun chair with any air or electric type Compact, CX 500 or Alpha hoist. The seat offers extra back support with motor mount under the seat for ease in fingertip operation.

    Cable guide and required safety Sky Lock are located overhead.
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