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Sky Climber Quotation Form - Guidelines

Before quoting any equipment we need to be aware of some technical details in order to offer the right equipment. Therefore you need to know the answers to following questions:

Company Name




* Name Contact


* Email


* Type of platform?


* Length of platform (meters)


* Required maximum load (kg)


* Powered hoists


* Working height (meters)


Phase & voltage

1 phase - 230 V
3 phase - 380-415 V

If 'Other', please indicate value:


* Frequency / HZ


* Region of usage


Power supply cable?

No power supply cable required
A power supply cable is required

If a cable is needed, please indicate required length (meters):


* Suspension system required?


Special requirements


Further questions or remarks?

              *required fields


Don't hesitate to send any available .dwg or .pdf drawing with the project name to

You will receive a quotation based on your requirements within 3 days.

We thank you for your interest in Sky Climber equipment.