electric powered hoists


lnx 300/500/650

  • fully integrated design, user friendly

    “Access Innovations” has been our theme since 1955 when SKY CLIMBER® developed hoists for suspended platforms the first time. Our latest man-rated hoist, the LNX, is designed and built with the user in mind.

    Its fully integrated design, user friendly layout and solid construction make the LNX durable and tough and can be used on all job site situations. The LNX can be mounted onto any SKY CLIMBER® platform or cage and is compatible with most of the other platforms in the industry.

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compact 400

  • Compact 400, easy to handle lightweight hoist.

    The Compact 400 is your ideal partner on every jobsite where ease of operation and mounting speed are important. Its self-weight of only 40kg and sleek design allows it to fit through a manhole as small as 46 cm and can lift loads up to 400 kg.
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cx 500

  • CX 500, easy to handle without compromises.

    If you are searching for a light and powerful hoist, you will find in our CX500 the best workhorse in our industry. With its load capacity of 500 kg and its self-weight of only 41 kg you won't need to make compromises between load capacity and handling.
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alpha 500/800/1000/1500m

  • unique traction mechanism

    The Alpha hoist series has often been referred to as simply the best hoist ever in the powered suspended access business. With superior engineering design, these hoists have been the stalwart of the industry.

    The Alpha series boasts a unique traction mechanism which allows the wire rope to enter without friction and then squeezes the rope with equally distributed pressure over 360° to attain the lifting traction.

    Coupled with a highly efficient unique planetary gearbox, this combination has been a true success in meeting users’ needs. This series is offered in many variations to fit the needs of the different world markets.

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air powered hoists

Sky Climber has a wide range of pneumatic hoists going from 400 kg lifting capacity, for the Compact400, up to 1000 kg (Alpha 1000).

The operation can be with hoist mounted controls or with a central control box (CE).

A filter and lubricator assembly assures the good functioning of the hoist.