training service

  • Training in House/on Location

    Learn the proper methods for servicing your Sky Climber hoists, as well as, how to safely use suspended access equipment.

    This comprehensive course mixes theory with hands-on instruction; including presentations, demonstrations, and bench repair.

    Training at the customer’s location will require a training room capable of accommodating the desired number of students, as well as, the necessary equipment. The customer is responsible for equipment and facilities setup.
  • The course material includes the following

    Disassembly, inspection troubleshooting and re-assembly of the mechanical portion of Compact and Alpha hoists only.

    Disassembly, inspection troubleshooting and re-assembly of Sky Locks type II and type III.

    Inspection and repair of air motors (Spitznas) used in Compact and Alpha hoists.

    Electrical theory and troubleshooting of electrical motors.

    Proper set-up and use of Sky Climber topside rigging equipment, platforms, work cages and bosun chairs.

    Wire rope specifications and their preparation for use.

  • Training certificate

    Every participant which succesfully attended our technical training courses will receive a personal Training Certificate.