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News - Archive

11.12.2018 - Special Designed Crawler Platform based on standard Sky Stage Ultra Components.

Sky Climber Europe provided a cost saving access solution by supplying four custom designed rolling platforms made from standard Sky Stage Ultra components to access Kangaroo Creek Dam in South Australia

28.04.2014 - Different platforms and rotatable davit arms for Marina Platforms in Egypt.

Sky Climber delivered different platforms and suspension solutions for permanent and temporary installations to Marina Platforms in Egypt.

17.03.2014 - Electrical C-Trolley for the SC-134 monorail.

Launch of the Electrical C-Trolley for the SC-134 monorail profile. Sky Climber produced a complete new electric monorail C-trolley that is designed to fit our SC-134 monorail profile in combination with side mounting brackets.

20.02.2014 - A flexible solution for monorail installations.

Sky Climber developed a manual monorail turntable. This turntable allows to switch the monorail trolley to different monorail tracks and has the possibility to change the angle every 15 degrees (from 30 to 150). It will provide you a flexible solution for monorail installations on complex buildings were a combination of monorail tracks is used.

15.01.2014 - CE- Approval of the electronic overload device (Sky OL).

CE- Approval of the electronic overload device (Sky OL). This safety device is mounted inside the hoist (for temporary installations) and inside the CCB ( for permanent installations) and will stop the functioning of the hoists when overload is detected. The Sky OL follows the standard EN ISO 13849-1 and Machinery directive 2006/42/CE.

21.12.2013 - Monorail tracks for the Central Bank of Vietnam.

Installation of 380 meter of SC-160 monorail tracks on the Headquarters of the Central Bank of Vietnam in Hanoi.

12.10.2013 - The new LNX Hoist goes in production.

Production of the first 50 pieces of the new LNX Hoist. This fully integrated electric hoist is available with a lifting capacity 300kg, 500kg and 650kg and is CE approved.

17.09.2013 - Pneumatic Rescue System for G4S in Stabroek (Belgium).

Sky Climber delivered a Pneumatic Rescue System to G4S in Stabroek (Belgium). This system combines a modular suspension structure, adjustable in height and length, with a pneumatic hoist. Special features of this system: Hoisting speed is adjustable between a high and low speed, pneumatic wire winder and a remote control box for the operation of the pneumatic hoist.